Tage des Offenen Ateliers auf dem Steinmetzhof

28.-29.4.2018 im Kühlspot Social Club

Im Rahmen des Gallery Weekend Wochenendes in Berlin öffnet der Steinmetzhof seine Türen

Austellung im Kühlspot
Es stellen aus:
Kerstin Zobus: Malerei
Sebastian Paul: Bildhauerei
Christoph Kühl: Collage
Siegfried Kühl: Zeichnungen und Objekte
Das Atelier wird ab 16:00 Uhr geöffnet sein.


Im Kühlspot finden allabendlich Konzerte statt:

Am Freitag, 27.4, 20:00h

Raiments are a Berlin-based avant garde musical collective, the brainchild of lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mano Camatsos. Mano’s unorthodox electric guitar style is inspired by hip hop, ethnological recordings and 20th century classical music. His abstract lyrics meet the atonal afro-beat saxophone of Stefan Ziemer and the water-flowing beats of Dominic Korb, all held together by the heavy metal funk explorations of bassist Edo Manzo.

USTED croons and plays his canarian timple on top of a hectic landscape of fat beats and crispy synths. An extravagant live solo act that has been considered “the only tribute band to himself in existance”, particularly those times he shows up escorted by his multifunctional-cotton-stuffed alter ego. His debut album Odoro is set to release June this year on Keroxen

ZHENJA OKS combines traditional song structures with sound experiments. As lyrics for these intricate compositions he uses words from his favourite poets all over the world including local poets from Berlin. He sings in Russian, German , English, Polish, Yiddish, Ukrainian, Spanish and Italian.

DJ Camatsos


Am Samstag, 28.4, 20:00h

Easter Island Ecstatic Orchestra 

Michaud Savage, Gitarre
Daniel Schwarzwald, Klavier
Stefan Sziemer, Bariton Saxofon
Ed Montgomery, Tenor Saxofon:
Rui Faustino, Schlagzeug


Am Sonntag, 29.4, 16:00h

Workshop mit dem FFO-Kollektiv – Groove Improvisation Jam


Kühlspot Social Club
Lehderstrasse 74-79
Hinterhof links
13086 Berlin

Info: 01522-8963906, ed@kuehlspot.com

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